Upcoming Events

Parent Prayer & Support Group

October 10th

Seeking a parent group? Join Grant and Tracy on Sunday evening at 9pm to share with other parents about your experiences with your children. This series will start in October and go until December. Please contact us for Zoom link. 

Raising children in a tech-obsessed social media world is tough. What limits do you put on it? Is it safe? Why can't kids just put their phones down?

Engage is a five-lesson, practical course hosted by Kirk Cameron that will help you navigate parenting in a social media age. Packed with expert interviews, a hands-on study and resource guide, downloadable tools, and biblical principles, it's the ultimate tool for not just surviving but thriving as a parent in today's culture and engaging your children on such a crucial topic.

St. Francis Table Volunteering

December 10th

Join us to volunteer at St. Francis Table. This soup kitchen is located in the west end of Toronto serving those who are needing food, community and a warm place to rest! Contact us for more information. 

Mandarin group is going to serve Dec 3rd 10am to 2pm
English group is going to serve Dec 10th 10 am to 2pm