Upcoming Events

The Gospel is for Sharing

September 4th

Join the TCMC Mandarin group to share the gospel with others every 1st Sunday of the month. Please contact us for more information on our website. Thank you.

Our Little Free Library BOOK DONATIONS

September 7th

Check out our little free library outside in our TCMC garden on Woodbine Ave. We are currently taking BOOK donations. Choose 6 - 12 books focusing on novels, children's, hobbies, Bibles, etc. to populate the little library. We are also accepting non-perishable items that can be stored in our little library for those who are in need.

Young Adventurers Sunday School

September 11th

Young Adventurers, children 6 - 10 years old can join our children's ministry online over Zoom or in person beginning on September 11, 2022 each Sunday morning. For more information please contact us.

Run for Promise

October 2nd

Join us to support Urban Promise in the month of October for doing a 5 kilometer walk / run fundraising. Our church team will meet up at Kew Beach on October 2 for the run. Contact us for more info. Online donation: Urban Promise

St. Francis Table Volunteer

December 9th

Join us to volunteer with St. Francis Table for their Lunch shift from 10am - 2pm on Dec. 9th, Friday. Please contact us for more information.